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All classes will incorporate reformer work and other pilates fitness equipment to maximize results.

All levels welcome. This slower paced class will focus on perfecting the fundamentals of pilates as students move through routines that will strengthen and stretch the whole body, while promoting core strength and balance. Recommended for newer students and those wishing to brush up on the fundamentals.
All levels are welcome. This moderately paced class will strengthen and stretch the whole body as students move through movement that focuses on core strength and stability. The choreography will involve diverse levels of pilates that will be modified based on students ability.
Instructor recommendation required. This quick paced class will introduce more advanced pilates work and continually challenge students through a whole body workout. Strong understanding of pilates technique and your bodies limitations or challenges is required to participate in this class.
Instructor recommendation required. Whoever said you can’t get a cardio workout and sweat during a pilates class never tried a Jump Board. Think jumping on a trampoline without the impact! This fun workout is an amazing challenge to “pelvic stability” and hip, knee, foot alignment.
All levels welcome. This class will focus on quick transitions and flow to provide a complete pilates workout in the least amount of time possible. Participants should arrive ready to work and not expect a lot of “fluff”. It’s all about achieving results, quickly and efficiently.
All levels welcome. Although all pilates movement challenges core strength and ability this class is purely about the “abs”. Basically, this class takes “crunches” to a whole new level.